Sunday, August 11, 2013

I don't know about the rest of you, since I'm just getting back to blogging, but sometimes I think the challenge about writing is that so many unrelated things happen in a week that it can be hard to tie them all up with a neat little ribbon!
But I guess this post will just be a little glimpse of the past few days in our family.

This past Friday, our family (along with my 86 year old mom) drove down to Eugene where my nephew and his family were visiting from Chicago.
My nephew (my half-sister's son, my dad's grandson) and I are only three years apart and he spent many a summer with us growing up. He's now a Navy chaplain and a couple years ago, had the honor of praying right before the president's speech. President Obama thanked him by name when he came to the podium and when I saw the video, I wished my dad would have been alive to see it. I could almost see him laughing slightly and shaking his head in disbelief and pride when something amazing would happen.

Friday, our families got together after five years, and though all of our children were a bit shy with one another, everyone seemed to have a nice visit, especially when it meant splashing in the pool!
Randy's wife's gracious parents provided lunch, supper and dessert, while Randy and Melody lavished us with treats at the Scandinavian Festival, as well as little gifts from Melody there for the girls.
Five years is a bit long between visits, but so glad we got to get together now.

In Pet News: My eleven year old and I just finished washing her long-hair guinea pig for the first time ....while hours before, our oldest said good-bye to her dwarf hamster who passed away.

This morning I felt blessed to be at church and hear a phenomenal guest speaker. He had the gift of speaking truth powerfully and yet keep us laughing so much we didn't know what hit us! ;)

Tomorrow, youngest is going to a Christian all-week day camp, complete with canoeing, zip line, swimming and archery. We are grateful to have the half- scholarship and praying she has a wonderful time. (In spite of us having to get up early every morning this week!) ;)

 Now, it's early Sunday evening and my fourteen year old has her best friend over for a sleepover while all of us are munching on barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers. (And as a special treat, I got Trader Joe's healthy cheese dogs!) She has planned a whole "High School Musical" theme...yes, after a period of feeling too old to like it anymore, she has decided to resume liking it- and with gusto! :)

As I write this, I'm listening to the online Hawaiian music station while all the girls are splashing in the pool and our lab is barking incessantly at them. It feels like a beautiful blend of fun chaos and yet peacefulness and a nice way to end the weekend here at our little homestead.

Hope each of you has a week filled with simple pleasures!



  1. it is a wonderful journal -- and I have made my first year into a book. My 2nd is ready to publish, just haven't gotten it completley proof read. But I've lost my mojo for writing. Too much going on in our lives the past few years that took away from my love of words

  2. Pamela, really?? That is great, it never would have occurred to me to actually publish them as books! Please tell me how you went about it, the costs, ect. I know what you many of us either slowed all the way down or completely stopped in the last couple years, due to just doing "life".

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world - I read this entry and just have to smile. :)