Monday, August 5, 2013

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been. 

You see, I use to be a "regular" in Blogland. I was very very into blogging... writing, reading other blogs, entering blog contests, participating in memes... and making some dear, long-distance friends along the way. But after a few years, it became a little all-consuming so I had to finally pull back. Especially since life and things like home schooling my two daughters, navigating pre-teen and teen hormones, and caring a bit for my aging mom who lives alone all came into play.

Oh, and Facebook. ;)

But now, here I am a few years later, tentatively putting my little toes into the water again. I know I can't (and shouldn't) go back as deeply as I once did. Not just because life is busy, but because I want to treasure these precious last years of my two daughters' growing up years. So that even when I have a moment where nothing is calling my name, I want to be able to simply sit on the sofa with my fourteen year old and watch "that movie with her again for the tenth time" just because she asked and wants my company. Or to read the latest story she just wrote. Or to listen (and make eye contact) with my eleven year old when she tells me of the latest Littlest Pet Shop home movie she just directed with a friend. Or stop and really see the details of her latest drawing. I want to be able to jump on my little green bike and ride around the neighborhood with my husband on these last, fleeting evenings of summer.

So, I will be coming back slowly to give outlet to my thoughts and heart. And maybe even visit a few of your blogs, too. But at a more moderate pace.

Perhaps that's partly why the title of this newest blog. 
Well, in part, it describes the blessings of homeschooling...being able to see your child do her math curled up in a hammock on a warm, sunny day. 
And it also shows the kind of summer I've been having...much calmer than some of my previous summers. You know the kind- with too many kids' activities or family excursions packed into three small months. But this year, I've enjoyed some very serene hours in one of our hammocks with a good book, and I hope for a few more!

But it also describes my desire to try to live in the moment in the midst of the busy schedules that we all seem to have, at least in some points of the year.

All that to say, I'm here once again, but hopefully in a more moderate, relaxed way. 

So on this summer evening in early August comes to a close, I'll bid you Good-night for well as a brand new Hello. :)


  1. I'll be following you. Blogland is not what it was back in the day!!! But a few of us do try and keep fairly active. The main purpose of my blogging is, and always has been, as a record for my children and grandchildren long after we are in Heaven. Welcome back.

    1. Hi Susan! I'm glad you're still blogging...I'll be visiting you as well! Yes...I recently looked back at my old blog, Lattes and Lollipops, and wow, what an amazing recording of our family events there when my kids were so little. Kind of bittersweet to see them so tiny, but so glad for the record of all those days!

  2. Tammy, so glad to see you back in blogland. I don't blog often, but have been doing a few posts now and then on my old site. Glad to see you posted this on FB so I could find you.


  3. Hi Mary! :) Thanks for stopping by here...I'll be sure to follow you again! :)

  4. Tammy! Throw aging, ailing paents into the ix and you and I are in the same boat! (Speaking of aging, I need to go finish my blog post!)

    Glad you're back!

  5. And... I really CAN spell. It's typing I'm not so good at!

  6. Welcome back to the world of blogging, Tammy! I applaud you for your commitment to keeping your priorities in order. :-)